Android 12 Go: When will the new version of the lightweight Android come?

However, in the Android 12 Go version, according to Google, it will be exactly the opposite.

Android 12 is gradually coming the first smartphone. According to the Android Police, its light version, Android 12 Go, which is intended for cheap and less powerful devices, will soon arrive. Celebrating the 200 million active users of the Go system, Google said its 12th version will be available next year.

The Android 12 Go will be a bit faster, but the new design has only been given some elements

Unlike regular Android, the goal of the Go version is to bring the smoothest possible user experience even on weak hardware. New versions of Android often mean the arrival of new features, which can be reflected in the performance of the smartphone.

However, in the Android 12 Go version, according to Google, it will be exactly the opposite.

The company claims that it has accelerated the launch of applications by up to 30% and that automatic hibernation of applications that you have not used for a long time will be added to the system. This means that the system itself clears their cache and prevents them from running in the background.

Android 12 Go version

Android 12 Go also offers automatic content translation when viewing recently opened apps, sharing apps with nearby users, or creating additional user profiles. A redesigned Privacy section from the full version of Android 12 will also be added to the settings.

It will give you an overview of the applications that have access to permission to track location or use the microphone and camera. In addition, when using the system, an icon will appear in the corner of the screen to indicate that one of the applications is actively using the microphone or camera.

Judging by the screenshots of the new Android Go, it seems that the new design language Material You was only partially implemented in it. The redesign was given, for example, by a notification bar, a lock screen, or the Settings application.

Google has also confirmed that the ability to customize system colors based on the wallpaper in the first release of Android 12 Go will not be, but is considering adding it in the future.