The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will take pictures much better than its predecessor

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Older leaks mention that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will have the same camera hardware as the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. However, this does not mean that he takes pictures worse or the same. On the contrary, we should make a big leap forward. The GSMArena portal informs about it.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will have better post-processing

Post-processing is the phase that takes place after the shutter button is pressed, but before the resulting photo is displayed. At this stage, the algorithms of the phone manufacturer, the work of the ISP (the processor that is used to process the photos) come on the scene, and then you will see the finished photo. Samsung’s new flagship will therefore have either better algorithms or a more powerful and powerful ISP.

A message appeared on Twitter from the famous leaker IceUniverse, who only mentions that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a very strong photo optimization. We don’t know if this is an American version with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or a version with Exynos (probably 2200).

When introducing Snapdragon, Qualcomm also devoted a moment of its presentation to an improved ISP, ie the image processor. So the speculation tends to be on the side of a better ISP.

We will find out everything in February, when the presentation of the entire S22 series is planned, or later when we will review the phone.